* Average weight loss for Clients on the Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan® with support is 20 lbs.
Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.

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EGADS! When my scale tipped at a number I thought I'd never see, I felt depressed and helpless. As much as I loved going out with my friends, I couldn't bear the thought of trying to find something fun and sexy to wear when all I felt was fat, unattractive? and far from sexy. I was unhealthy in my body AND my mind. Something needed to change. I tried everything I could to lose weight.... Atkins, NutriSystem, SlimFast, the Cabbage Diet, TOPS, even something called Exercise in a Bottle?. The diets helped me lose the fat from my body but never addressed the fat in my head. And every time, I'd gain the weight back (and then some). Then the sun came out!!!! After watching my best friend lose 40lbs with the support of her FREE Health Coach (all while actually ENJOYING herself and NOT being hungry), I decided, Why not give it a try?? I noticed results IMMEDIATELY, losing 6lbs very quickly and kissing 'the bloat? good-bye. By Day 4, my energy was up, I had mental clarity and was NOT hungry or miserable in any way. I couldn't believe it! Now, 48lbs leaner and healthier, I have no more acid reflux, drastically reduced joint pain, I am energized, sleeping better, positive and have unlocked the secret to looking and feeling great FOR LIFE. Here's the really good news? YOU CAN, TOO! Friends, we are on a mission to create a revolution in health and wellbeing. We have already transformed the lives of tens of thousands and now YOU, TOO, can get off the Hamster Wheel of Dieting and embrace Optimal Health for the long term. We offer a safe, simple, effective non-intrusive option not only for weight loss but for long-term health (and isn't that what you really want?) To all the naysayers telling you, You can't or You won't, it's time to turn around and say, Watch me!!!

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